Radio Access Network

Deploy with Flexibility & Ensure Performance

Open RAN (ORAN) architecture provides multiple options of equipment for carriers. 5G operators are steadily moving away from traditional proprietary telecom equipment in favor of an open, disaggregated telco server approach. However, 5G RAN requires high performance with ultra-low latency for different applications and services, therefore making the DU accelerator the key to RAN architecture. As one of the few companies in Taiwan to possess RAN architecture development capabilities, GENEViSiO provides the world’s 1st ASIC-based DU inline accelerator with proven software and high-performance hardware to enable ultra-low latency and flexibility for carriers looking to enable rapid 5G deployments.

DU Inline Accelerator

For higher bandwidth Open RAN applications, full L1 processing offload may be required. In this case, an inline hardware accelerator is likely to deliver the best results with the lowest latency and minimum cores required…
NPN110 small cell

Small Cell

NPN-11x series are Small Cell with open front haul solutions, through cloud deployment, they can be Samll Cell with Open Fronthaul (DU+CU) or DU only…