Introduction & Overview

NPN-110 and NPN-210 are Small Cell with open front haul solution, through the cloud deployment, they can be Small Cell with open fronthaul (DU+CU) or DU only. Small Cell with open fronthaul is an essential ingredient for flexibility of deployment. Open front haul provide RU connectivity to Small Cell to fulfill different radio technology and radio bands from sub 6 to mmWave. Both Small Cell solutions are under 75W to provide at least 3 x CC (4T4R 100Mhz) performance. NPN-110 is an industrial temperature fanless model for hard environment like manufacture, power substation, railway, agriculture and environment monitoring 5G applications,etc. NPN-210 is indoor friendly acoustic solution, as well as good flexibility for rack-mount system, 1RU space can accommodate multi units which is great for central DU/CU deployment.




Model# NPN-110 NPN-210
Construction design Din Rail / Fanless System Fan
Chip Set 1 x LX2160 + 2 x LA1201
I/O Interface 4 x 10/25GbE SFP28
Mini-HDMI for 1pps/10Mhz/ToD
Management Port ,Console Port, USB Port
vDU Support 3CC x 4T4R, 100Mhz
SW Support Open BMC with Redfish Support
IEEE-1588/SyncE ITC G.8261, G.8271, G.8272, G.8273
Power Supply 90VAC to 264VAC
Power Consumption 75W(max)