Introduction & Overview

The UPF acceleration plays a key role in the 5G core network to realize the transformative vision of low latency and high throughput. 5G core networks transform data processing, offering enhanced speed, volume, and services. It enhances mobile broadband experiences and supports many different verticals like VR, IoT, Automotive, and Healthcare; however, these 5G services set very challenging and demanding requirements on latency and throughput for a better experience. The User Plane Function (UPF) is an essential 5G core component that handles the critical operation of processing subscriber traffic between the RAN (Radio Access Network) and the DN (Data Network). The operators will need a solution that can handle network functions like low latency switching and slicing without sacrificing throughput. GENEViSiO’s UPF SmartNIC solution PAC-u10 supporting low latency and high throughput requirements will be one of the best solutions for carrier building 5G core networks.