Video Infrastructure

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Making video infrastructure development simple, flexible and slashing time to market

The rapid move to these new standards and higher formats require programmable implementations as time to market is critical and the delay to build dedicated hardware could mean missing critical market windows. In addition, changes are still coming on all these fronts so programmable systems add the crucial ability to provide field upgrades as the industry moves to these new formats.

GeneVisio’s video solution helps equipment manufacturers lead the video-centric network transformation with products that address its current upheaval and the convergence of broadcast, networking and IT technologies. Our video processing platforms provide a user space software framework supported by our software engineering team that simplifies their integration into your new IP workflow solutions.

The media industry is undergoing a profound transformation driven by the fundamental change in video consumers’ behavior that disrupts the traditional business model. Media organizations and service providers are looking to optimize their operations and monetize the big opportunities that the mobile video era brings. We apply our solid media technology knowledge to engineer innovative solutions for our customers. From design through quality assurance and production to global logistics, our teams integrate with our customers’ teams to create a highly collaborative environment that minimizes the risk of developing complex solutions.