5G Open RAN: Revolutionizing Telco Networks with Flexibility and Innovation

5G Open RAN is a game-changing technology that revolutionizes the telecommunications industry. It combines the benefits of 5G wireless technology with Open Radio Access Network (Open RAN), which allows for the separation of hardware and software layers in wireless networks, therefore providing increased flexibility and efficient networks, and most of all – saving operating expenses.

GENEViSiO O-RAN Starter Kit: Accelerating Validation of the 5G Base Stations

GENEViSiO, an advanced open network pioneer specializing in telecommunications, is generating innovation for the unprecedented vision of an open network infrastructure. In 2020, GENEViSiO launched the world’s first 5G O-RAN inline PCIe DU solution; in 2023, GENEViSiO partners with industry-leading providers to roll out the O-RAN starter kit, GENre.
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Product Highlights

Time Synchronization Flexibility

S-plane plays a critical role in 5G ORAN interoperability as RU needs to synchronize DU via option 7-2 interface. GENEViSiO inline DU acceleration card offers IEEE 1588 in PRTC and TBC mode with high-precision performance beyond class-C timing accuracy for Open RAN operation; the PRTC model can work as IEEE 1588 grand master mode with flexible time source interfaces.

Deployment Simplicity

The high-integrated kit offers a compatible package, including CU, DU, RU, L1/L2/L3 software, customized server, initial work service, and necessary accessories, which reduces complex obstacles for customers to build up and maintain a 5G network.

Cost Effectivity

GENEViSiO partners with top-tier vendors and leverage expertise in networking technology to bring to market a cost-effective O-RAN Starter Kit.

Power Efficiency

GENEViSiO ARM-based DU accelerator is a power-efficient design to implement IEEE 1588 and High-PHY functionality with a regular power consumption of around 65W and a maximum of under 75W, decreasing 25% to 35% power consumption than that of the traditional design architecture.


Time Synchronization

  • IEEE 1588 / SyncE. The high accuracy time synchronization supports IEEE 1588 PRTC and TBC model with beyond Class C performance.
  • Flexible time source interfaces, including multi-band GNSS receiver with all GNSS system support, 1pps single-end and differential interfaces, 10Mhz single-end and ToD, and daisy chain support between different baseband unit.

3GPP Compliance (High-PHY)

  • NR; Physical channels and modulation: 3GPP TS 38.211 V15.10.0 (2018-06)
  • NR; Multiplexing and channel coding; for information: 3GPP TS 38.212 V15.13.0 (2018-06)
  • NR; Physical layer procedures for control; for information: 3GPP TS 38.213 V15.15.0 (2018-06)
  • NR; Physical layer procedures for data; for information: 3GPP TS 38.214 V15.16.0 (2018-06)
  • NR; Physical layer measurements; for information: 3GPP TS 38.215 V15.7.0 (2018-06)

3GPP Compliance (CU & DU)

  • RRC: 3GPP TS 38.331 V16.2.0
  • SDAP: 3GPP TS 37.324 V16.1.0
  • PDCP: 3GPP TS 38.322 V15.3.0
  • RLC: 3GPP TS 38.322 V15.5.0
  • MAC: 3GPP TS 36.321 V15.3.0
  • XnAP: 3GPP TS 38.423 V16.3.0
  • NGAP: 3GPP TS 38.413 V16.3.0
  • PDU Session U-Plane: 3GPP TS 38.415 V15.2.0
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Technical Specifications

DU accelerator card PAC-010

  • Processor: NXP LX2160 + Dual LA1201
  • System Memory: 2 x 16GB, up to 2 x 32 GB (optional)
  • Network Interface: 4 x SFP28
  • Host connection: PCIe Gen3 x8 with gold finger x16
  • Cooling: Passive Heatsink
  • Certification: Designed for NEBS Level 3

Customized Server

  • Chipset: Integrated on Intel® Xeon® SoC
  • Memory: 4 x 16GB
  • Storage: 1 x 256GB
  • Form: Rackmount chassis


  • IEEE 1588 / SyncE: ITC G.8262, G.8272, G.8273 TBC Class C with 4Hrs hold over
  • Front Interfaces:
    • 1pps single-end in/out. 1pps differential in/out
    • 10Mhz single-end in/out
    • ToD in/out
  • GNSS Module:
    • Support GPS / QZSS, GLONASS, Galileo, and BeiDou systems
    • Multiband support, including B1C, B1I, B2a, E1B/C, E5a, L1C/A, L1OF, L5


  • 3GPP Standard: SA Mode Option 2
  • Open RAN Standard: Split Opt.7-2
  • Duplexing: TDD
  • Channel Bandwidth: 100MHz max.
  • Modulation:
    • DL: QPSK/16QAM/64QAM/256QAM
    • UL: QPSK/16QAM/64QAM
  • Spatial Multiplexing: 4/2 Layers (DL/UL)


  • Open Standard: O-RAN Split Opt. 7-2x
  • Duplex Mode: TDD
  • Tx/Rx Paths: 4T4R, 1CC
  • Band: n77, n78, n79, n48 (manufacture option)
  • System Bandwidth: 20/40/50/60/80/100MHz
  • Numerology (SCS): 30KHz
  • Antenna Type: Embedded
  • Fronthaul Interface: 10GbE SFP+
  • Power Supply: PoE or DC 12V Adapter
  • Indoor IP Rating: IP30
  • Power Consumption: <70W
  • Operating temperature: 0℃ ~ 40℃