The world’s first low profile inline PCIe DU accelerator PAC-012

GENEViSiO Launches the Worldwide First Low Profile Inline PCIe DU Accelerator

【Taipei, Taiwan, April 25, 2022】GENEViSiO (GVTel Co., Ltd.) officially launches the world’s very first low profile inline PCIe Distributed Unit (DU) accelerator this month, which brings a new advantage to the 5G Open RAN (O-RAN) market.

O-RAN DU Solution Expertise

As an advanced open network pioneer in telecom infrastructure, GENEViSiO delivers 5G O-RAN solutions to system integrators, operators, and value-added resellers. Meanwhile, as a member of the O-RAN Alliance, the worldwide leading professional community focused on an open network that contains over 300 technology companies, GENEViSiO is dedicated to playing an essential role in the O-RAN ecosystem through its team’s network industry experience of more than 15 years, and focuses on efficient DU solutions.

DU is one of the key functional blocks in O-RAN architecture, communicating with the Radio Unit (RU) and Central Unit (CU) via front-haul and middle-haul. The High-PHY, splitting across the DU and RU in the physical layer (PHY), is hosted by DU, which could also offload the loading in other software layers. Therefore, the efficiency of DU can impact the whole performance of the host CPU to an extensive degree. In other words, a strong DU might reduce most of the CPU loading and cut a considerable OPEX from upgrading to 5G. The DU accelerator plays an indispensable role in the 5G structure.

Saving Cores with Outstanding Performance

Compared to current solutions in the market, GENEViSiO’s DU accelerator can likely deliver the best results with the lowest latency and minimum cores required. For instance, while facing the 4T4R 100MHz RRH/RU environment, PAC-010, the world’s first inline PCIe DU accelerator from GENEViSiO, might only need 10–12 cores to run, which is far less than 20–22 cores in regular solutions.

Meanwhile, it displays outstanding performance on power consumption, consuming almost half that of competitors. That also means operators can relieve the heat sinking pressure from the overall deployment.

The Worldwide First Low Profile Inline PCI-E DU Accelerator

To fit different market demands, GENEViSiO offers the world’s first low profile inline PCIe DU accelerator, the slim DU version for flexibility in diverse environments. PAC-012, providing multiple 25GbE eCPRI interfaces and maximum support for two 4T4R 100MHz RRH/RU with NXP® Semiconductor’s Layerscape® Access family of programmable baseband processors and Layerscape multi-core processors, is only half-height half-length in form factor. The slim design is space-saving, has lower power consumption than PAC-010, and provides less OPEX for projects.

For operators and solution integrators, that will obviously bring more advantages, which also reveals the core values of O-RAN at the heart that creates a more open world by providing innovative and efficient networking solutions.


GENEViSiO is a 5G product line under GVTel Co. Ltd. ; GENEViSiO enables the variety of innovative solutions to provide cutting-edge platforms for all areas, from RAN to core. Faster and more reliable solutions in the networking communication infrastructure is one of GENEViSiO’s missions.

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