GENEViSiO officially joins O-RAN Alliance to work toward more open mobile network

【Taipei, Taiwan, February 16, 2022】At the beginning of the year, GENEViSiO announced the good news of joining the O-RAN alliance; the worldwide leading professional community focused on the development of an open network in the mobile market.

As a member of the O-RAN alliance that comprises more than 300 technology companies around the world, GENEViSiO has the same mission of realizing a unique vision of an open RAN market while continuing to build a route to an open world by providing innovative and efficient networking solutions.

Building Bridges to the Networking

Since launching the world’s first 5G O-RAN inline PCIe DU accelerator in 2020, GENEViSiO has been cooperating with global ecosystem partners to work on O-RAN trial deployment in diverse markets, including the UK, Germany, Belgium, India, and China. Facing complex environments, GENEViSiO and several of its ecosystem partners are now dedicated to overcoming demanding challenges and re-shaping the cost-saving networking solutions of the telecom industry via their experience and technical capabilities.

The Worldwide First Low Profile Inline PCI-E DU Accelerator

In February, several system integration customers and partners will demo their system on GENEViSiO’s DU accelerator card and Small Cell solution at MWC Barcelona, the world’s most influential event for the connectivity industry. Meanwhile, GENEViSiO is coming to launch the first low profile inline PCIe DU accelerator in the world, PAC-012, by the end of Q1. In 2021, GENEViSiO ‘s UK partner won the Future RAN (FRANC) competition held by the UK’s government, and PAC-012 is honoured to be part of the solutions.

As an advanced networking pioneer that specializes in telecom, GENEViSiO is always generating innovation for the unprecedented vision of an open network infrastructure.


GENEViSiO is a 5G product line under GVTel Co. Ltd. ; GENEViSiO enables a variety of innovative solutions to provide cutting-edge platforms from the RAN to the core. Faster and more reliable solution in the networking communication infrastructure is one of GENEViSiO ‘s missions.


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