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GENEViSiO and Arm collaborate on O-RAN Demonstration in the Arm 5G Solutions Lab

【Taipei, Taiwan, September 12, 2022】 As an advanced open network pioneer in telecom infrastructure, GENEViSiO delivers 5G O-RAN solutions to system integrators, operators, and value-added resellers, and contributes to the O-RAN ecosystem through its experience in open and telecom core networks. GENEViSiO is delighted to collaborate with Arm on a demonstration of GENEViSiO’s inline PCIe DU (distributed unit) accelerator in the Arm® 5G Solutions Lab.


arm 5g soluyions lab

Photo Credit: Arm 


Open Network Pioneer in the Telecommunication Revolution

GENEViSiO launched PAC-010, the world’s first 5G O-RAN inline PCIe DU accelerator card in 2020, and PAC-012, the world’s first low-profile version, in 2022, bringing impressive product features to O-RAN infrastructure. While the complex, demanding environment required lower latency, which is pivotal to the practical applications of O-RAN, GENEViSiO grabbed an outstanding performance of single-digit nanosecond time error and achieved a standard between the Class-C and Class-D Boundary of IEEE 1588 G.8273.2. In addition, the efficient power consumption of less than 75W lays a foundation of success for the system since heat dissipation is becoming a crucial consideration in running such systems. 


genevisio and arm collaborate

Photo Credit: GVTel Co., Ltd


Performing accurate time synchronization while maintaining efficient power consumption, GENEViSiO promotes real-world applications of O-RAN with multiple concurrent partners in the ecosystem. The Arm 5G Solutions Lab plays an important role in the O-RAN ecosystem by accelerating innovation in network infrastructure to demonstrate Arm-based end-to-end solutions in a live test environment. With a similar vision of facilitating the development of a 5G Open network, GENEViSiO is excited to participate in the demonstration of the very first DU accelerating card PAC-010 and broaden an extensive ecosystem within the Arm 5G Solutions Lab.

“Industry participation is required to enable telcos and vendors to deploy an infrastructure that can support the promise and potential of 5G,” said Imran Yusuf, director of hardware ecosystem, Infrastructure Line of Business, Arm. “The Arm 5G Solutions Lab thrives on innovations like GENEViSiO’s DU accelerator and we look forward to collaborating on 5G initiatives.” 

Said Byron Lin, CEO of GENEViSiO, “Immersed in the telecom industry for years, we know that a strong focus on our profession is always the most important thing, and we will never ignore the importance of cooperation with ecosystem partners like Arm. Cooperation is definitely the best method to build a brighter future. We’re thrilled to join the Arm 5G Solutions Lab to contribute more to the market.”


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5G O-RAN: The Innovation for Telecommunications and Private Network

5G defines a faster and smarter communication era and is expected to be the fastest-deployed mobile communication technology in history. According to Statista, 5G technology is forecast to cover around 60 percent of the global population by 2026. In this trend, O-RAN symbolizes more creative, economical possibilities, in terms of its open and flexible design for network deployment, which help the Radio Access Network (RAN) industry evolve towards a truly open, intelligent, virtualized, and fully interoperable RAN.

DU, one of the key pieces of O-RAN architecture, and the core product of GENEViSiO, communicates with the radio unit (RU) and central unit (CU) via front-haul and middle-haul. By hosting the High-PHY and offloading the other software layers, DU is able to maximize system performance and compute efficiency. Strong DU can not only drive considerable savings in OPEX but also unleash a variety of application scenarios. In PAC-010, users can make it as a high-PHY accelerator PAC, DU on NIC, or a small cell on NIC depending on their requirements, and therefore build infrastructure with far fewer limitations than before.

genevisio small cell

The 5G open fronthaul small cell NPN-115. Photo Credit: GVTel Co., Ltd


Moreover, this October, GENEViSiO will launch the revolutionary 5G open fronthaul small cell NPN-115 that serves as DU and CU in a fan-less box, hardened against a wide range of temperatures and supporting 4 x CC (4T4R 100Mhz), as a small cell solution that provides flexible deployment for 5G O-RAN private networks. NPN-115 will apply to several trial programs in the U.S. and EMEA in Q3. It is expected to contribute to greater efficiency in industrial environments.


GENEViSiO is a 5G product line under GVTel Co. Ltd. GENEViSiO enables a variety of innovative solutions to provide cutting-edge platforms for all areas, from RAN to core, to provide faster and more reliable solutions in the networking communication infrastructure. GENEViSiO’s core value is “Generating for Vision”, unleashing innovation to tackle the challenges that come with technological evolution and sharing its accomplishments with the world.


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