Strategic Cooperation with GENEViSiO, Far EasTone Telecom Accelerates the Deployment of 5G O-RAN

【Taipei, Taiwan, November 30, 2021】 GENEViSiO is a high-end networking company that specializes in 5G under the iEi x QNAP Group. Recently, it announced its strategic cooperation with Far EasTone Telecom, using each other’s R&D strengths and advantages in the telecom arena to speed up the deployment of the 5G O-RAN architecture capability. As one of the few companies in Taiwan to possess RAN architecture development capabilities, GENEViSiO has also announced a collaboration with NXP® Semiconductors to develop advanced wireless infrastructure solutions based on NXP’s Layerscape® Access programmable baseband processor architecture. Joining the ONF (Open Network Foundation) at the end of last year, Far EasTone is the only telecom provider among the five major telecom companies in Taiwan to be participating in the R&D of global “open network architecture”. According to Dave Lu, Vice President of Far EasTone’s Network and Technology Group, “We set up a 5G lab in 2016 and have long been dedicated to various 5G innovative technologies, applications and network R&D. We will combine the technological capabilities of partners within industry, government, and university to jointly research and develop the latest network architecture. At the same time, we will proactively plan an Open RAN environment of the 5G lab to develop customized network structures such as public and private networks to provide 5G application services and experiences. Open RAN architecture provides more options of equipment for carrier, however 5G RAN required high performance with ultra-low latency for different applications and services, thereby DU accelerator will be key of RAN architecture. The high-performance low latency DU inline accelerator developed by GENEViSiO leverages NXP’s Layerscape® Access portfolio and is one of best options for us to customize RAN network structures. It simplifies the deployment of O-RAN 5G networks, offloads the CPU’s massive processing at DU protocol stack and offers flexible options for RAN hardware and software.” “With open network architecture becoming a global network development trend, many telecom providers around the world have joined related organizations to promote open network equipment from previously closed systems.” Byron Lin, CEO of GENEViSiO stated, “take 5G O-RAN for example, Open-RAN architecture and the opening interfaces will enable more suppliers to participate the 5G ecosystem. This not only creates new business opportunities for Taiwan’s communication providers, it also provides new options for carriers other than major international telecom equipment companies. In the future, communication providers will be able to quickly build 5G mobile networks after purchasing ‘equipment that meet regulations’. This approach reduces operating costs as well as improving the flexibility of network resource real-time allocation.” “The collaboration between NXP and GENEViSiO underscores the flexibility and high performance of our Layerscape® Access processors,” said Nikolay Guenov, senior director of product management at NXP. “Both our companies share a strategic focus on developing highly efficient 5G NR solutions, and this new DU accelerator card showcases the strength of our combined abilities and expertise to significantly accelerate the deployment of the 5G O-RAN architecture globally.” Through the synergism with Far EasTone and NXP, GENEViSiO hopes to speed up the maturity of the 5G O-RAN market and fully unleash the potential of 5G, bringing large scale benefits from commercial transition in the 5G market after deployment.


GeneVisio is led by the Executive Board Director of IEI x QNAP Group (TWSE: 3022) , Franz Wei who had worked as Executive VP in Advantech’s Network & Communication Division before joining IEI x QNAP Group. GeneVisio enables the variety of innovative solution to provide the cutting-edge platforms from the edge to the cloud. Faster and more reliable solution in the networking communication infrastructure is one of GeneVisio’s missions.

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