GENEViSiO Collaborates with NXP to Roll out the 5G DU Accelerator Card for O-RAN Infrastructure

【Taipei, Taiwan, March 15, 2021】GENEViSiO (GVTel Co. Ltd.) dedicated on the networking and communication product development today announced that GENEViSiO is collaborating with NXP® Semiconductors to step in global 5G business, starting from 5G gNodeB market.

The 5G infrastructure drives the virtualization deployment and optimizes the equipment investments through multi vendors. The concept of the O-RAN completely meets the characteristics of the 5G network. The more standard platforms or devices can be installed, the more benefits and efficiency the users can enjoy. GENEViSiO, as a NXP 5G eco-partner, cooperates with NXP to develop NPE-010 to let the users upgrade the existing networking to the 5G environment quickly and cost-efficiently.

“This new collaboration with GENEViSiO demonstrates NXP’s commitment to expanding our ORAN partnerships and the value that our Layerscape Access processors, along with our greater antenna-to-processor portfolio brings to the 5G Access Edge,” said Nikolay Guenov, senior director of product management with NXP Semiconductors. “As a result of our new collaboration, this new high-performance DU accelerator from GENEViSiO combines their proven software and with our high-performance hardware to enable ultra-low latency and flexibility for carriers looking to enable rapid 5G deployments.”

The NPE-010 series is the world’s 1st ASIC-based PCIe DU solution, which leverages NXP’s Layerscape® Access family of programmable baseband processors (LA-12 series+LX-2 series) to provide multiple 25GbE eCPRI interfaces and maximum support for four 4T4R 100Mhz RRH/RU. With less OPEX and leveraging the current facility with minimal installation process, GENEViSiO’s NPE-010 card, built with powerful NXP 5G solution in PCIe x8 form factor, can be easily deployed in the existing platforms to run the O-RAN fronthaul protocols and to offload the DU function to the host. On the other hand, the NPE-010 could work seamlessly with the CU in the MEC servers for the lower layer split (LLS) to ensure the quality of the ultra-low latency as well as the bandwidth.

With the different software configuration to support high-PHY offload or full DU/REC offload , memory expansion and 1pps & GPS timing synchronization, the NPE-010 will bring more flexibility and empower the end customer with more 5G capabilities in the edge. Moreover, either in the Public or local 5G infrastructure, the different size of the NPE-010 series could easily fit into the existing equipment and move to the 5G with low-latency and high-speed bandwidth in a fly.


The NPE-010 sample is sampling to worldwide now and the mass production will be expected in Q2, 2021.


GENEViSiO is a 5G product line under GVTel Co. Ltd. , Franz Wei who had worked as Executive VP in Advantech’s Network & Communication Division before joining IEI x QNAP Group. GENEViSiO enables the variety of innovative solution to provide the cutting-edge platforms from the edge to the cloud. Faster and more reliable solution in the networking communication infrastructure is one of GENEViSiO’s missions.

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