GENEViSiO Shines at 5G-ACIA Industrial 5G Day

GENEViSiO recently took center stage at the highly anticipated 5G-ACIA Industrial 5G Day in Austin, USA. This prestigious event, hosted by 5G-ACIA, showcased GENEViSiO’s pioneering role in open network innovation within the telecommunications sector.

At the event, GENEViSiO reaffirmed its commitment to advancing 5G technology with a focus on open network solutions. The company highlighted its groundbreaking achievements, including the world’s first 5G Open RAN inline PCIe DU solution and its collaboration as an NXP DU solution partner.

A key highlight of the event was GENEViSiO’s participation in insightful sessions discussing the impact of 5G on industrial applications. Industry leaders from TRUMPF, Nokia, Delta Electronics, and Belden Inc. joined GENEViSiO in exploring the transformative potential of 5G technology.

GENEViSiO also proudly featured in Delta Electronics’ presentation, “Ground to Table – Delta Electronics’ Private 5G Journey,” underscoring the pivotal role of GENEViSiO’s solutions in driving innovative private 5G deployments.

As GENEViSiO continues to pioneer open network telecom solutions, it invites stakeholders to join in shaping the future of 5G innovation.

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This revised update focuses on GENEViSiO’s achievements and contributions at the event without repeating specific event details.