Core Competence

IEI Integration Corp. cooperates with its group company QNAP System Inc. to provide great service and technologies in both hardware and software. The upgraded services and the complete smart solutions enable our customers to easily achieve win-win business success.

Leading industrial computer provider

  • Solid experience in a wide range of technologies and vertical knowhow
  • Support from concept to finished goods
  • Specializes in IoT gateway, embedded system, panel PC, image capture and cloud based applications
  • Meets market expectations by supplying a complete portfolio of computer-based applications

Leading network attached storage provider

  • Innovative software development and IoT integration applications
  • Complete portfolio from development and hardware design to manufacturing
  • Global market allocation
  • 1000+ employees worldwide

Design & Quality Warranty

Comprehensive quality assurance tests are performed on all IEI products throughout the product development cycle. Testing is initiated in the research and development phase of a product and continued throughout the manufacturing phase. Quality assurance testing throughout the product development cycle ensures all IEI products to provide stable performance in the industrial environments.