Compal Electronics Leads Groundbreaking 5G O-RAN Trial on Japan Monorail System with GENEViSiO, NXP and Vicinity

Taipei, Taiwan – June 18, 2024 – Compal Electronics has led a groundbreaking 5G Open Radio Access Network (O-RAN) field trial on a Japan Monorail system, in collaboration with NXP® Semiconductors, Vicinity, and GENEViSiO, a product line under GVTel Co. Ltd. This trial represents a significant leap forward in 5G network deployment, showcasing the potential for improved connectivity, speed, and reliability in public transportation settings.

The integration of 5G and O-RAN technologies in the monorail system offers numerous benefits, including reliable and low latency network communications essential for ensuring the safety and efficiency of the monorail operations. The high-speed, low-latency capabilities of 5G enhance real-time data transmission between the monorail and control centers, enabling prompt responses to any operational issues and improving overall passenger safety.

Compal Electronics took the helm in integrating its Radio Unit (RU) and managing system integration, including complex Layer 2/3 protocol stacks. This expertise was pivotal in handling intricate data traffic and ensuring seamless communication between the monorail’s onboard systems and the 5G network.

Supporting Compal in this initiative, NXP supplied advanced Layerscape® multi-core ARM® processors and baseband processors. These components were essential to the GENEViSiO DU (Distributed Unit) accelerator card, underscoring NXP’s dedication to empowering partners with cutting-edge technology for superior 5G performance.

GENEViSiO introduced its DU accelerator card, featuring precise IEEE 1588 time synchronization solutions crucial for upholding 5G communications’ integrity and efficiency across the network. This technology stands as a critical element in the O-RAN system’s functionality, symbolizing GVTel Co. Ltd.’s pinnacle of innovation.

Vicinity contributed specialized high-PHY and related protocols for the GENEViSiO DU accelerator card, vital for optimizing data transmission, ensuring high-speed connectivity with minimal latency, and enhancing overall 5G O-RAN deployment performance and reliability.

This collaborative effort, spearheaded by Compal, marks a significant milestone in leveraging 5G technology within public transportation infrastructures. It provides a glimpse into the future of connectivity and the potential to create smarter, more efficient urban environments. The success of this field trial on the Japan Monorail not only demonstrates the feasibility of deploying advanced 5G networks in demanding settings but also sets a new standard for innovation and cooperation among leading technology providers.

【About COMPAL 】

Established in 1984, COMPAL has grown to the worldwide leading computer and smart devices manufacturer, which is ranked as a Taiwan Top 6 large scale manufacturer and a Global Fortune 500 company. COMPAL invests in product diversification for years and starts its 5G technologies business since 2018. It offers wild solutions and complete portfolio, including 5G O-RAN, 5G small cells, 5G wireless modules as well as 5G smart wearable devices, satellite user terminal equipment and IoT solutions. With a comprehensive product portfolio that covers various domains, Compal is steadily advancing its leadership position in the field of 5G applications. For more information

【About GENEViSiO】

GENEViSiO is a brand of 5G product lin under GVTel Co., Ltd. GENEViSiO has a strong presence in the 5G network and telecommunications market, leading the industry globally and pioneering the 5G O-RAN inline acceleration card solution. With a focus on inline DU acceleration cards, open-fronthaul small cells, and fronthaul transportation, GENEViSiO aims to innovate and shape the future of telecommunications..

【About Vicinity】

Vicinity Technologies Limited (Vicinity) is a wireless communication products and technologies provider based in Bristol, United Kingdom. Vicinity has full R&D capabilities for designing, developing, verifying, and deploying 5G infrastructure and networking solutions. The team comprises experts with over 20 years of experience in wireless communication product development. Vicinity has a proven track record of providing quick-to-market design win solutions. Vicinity’s products and systems have been deployed in real operator networks and can be customised for various purposes in private networks. To learn more about Vicinity, please visit